Mmusi Maimane on water-shedding…

Cape Town – South Africa is witnessing the exact same failures that crippled its electricity grid unfold in the management of its water infrastructure, DA leader Mmusi Maimane warned in his latest newsletter on Monday.

He said these failures include infrastructure neglect, inadequate budgeting and a crippling skills shortage.

“You’d think we’d be extra vigilant in preventing similar crises developing elsewhere, now that we can see the damaging effects of load-shedding. But unless we act quickly and decisively, South Africa could soon face the prospect of planned water cuts to ease the pressure on our resources. And water-shedding could make load-shedding look comparatively tame,” said Maimane.

“Unlike electricity, there is no alternative source or replacement for water.”

He pointed out that the Department of Water and Sanitation launched an investigation and released a report which revealed that there may 15 to 20 municipalities affecting more than 100 water supply systems where the management of water services has deteriorated to such an extent that a water crisis is imminent.

Jul 13 2015 22:23

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